Through The Bible Workbook

Through The Bible Workbook

Through The Bible: A Complete Old & New Testament Bible Study

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The Bible has never been more accessible. In addition to the millions of copies sold each year in hundreds of languages and dialects, many versions of the Bible can be easily accessed with just a few clicks or taps of a touch screen.

While most Christians desire to know and understand God's Word, many have a limited understanding of the Bible. They may know bits and pieces - random Bible stories and verses - but not how the pieces fit together.

This study fits these "bits and pieces" of Bible knowledge together in to the big picture, showing how each one relates to a common theme that runs throughout the Word. This journey "through the Bible" reveals the unfolding of God's plan in the insights and events found in each book of the Bible and provides a panoramic view for excellent understanding of the Bible as a whole.

There is no substitute for studying the Bible, and Through the Bible is an invaluable tool for gaining a better understanding of God's Word. Author Patricia J. David encourages the reader to make a priority of knowing and understanding the Bible, and then helps the reader to accomplish this goal.

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Release Date Jan 2, 95
Author Patricia J. David
ISBN ISBN 13: 9780898273960
ISBN 10: 089827396X
Format Paperback
Page Count 388
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