Hands-On Bible Curriculum Grades 1 & 2 Teacher Guide (Winter)

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Hands-On Bible Curriculum® Teacher Guide is packed with easy-to-lead lessons, skits, teaching tips, Bible background, and more. Every teacher needs one.

What if Jesus taught your kids? How would he do it? What tools would he use? What would he want them to learn and remember? The Bible gives us lots of examples of how Jesus did it 2,000 years ago. He used everyday objects like coins, fish, and plants to help people remember the truths he shared with them.

Hands-On Bible Curriculum® does the same thing. We call them "gizmos," and they serve the same purpose: to help kids understand important Bible truths. It worked for Jesus, and it still works today. It's guaranteed to work. Time after time, kids are able to remember what they learned weeks, months, and even years later. Since they experience what they’re learning, it sticks longer.

To use Hands-On, all you need is your Grades 1&2 Learning Lab with enclosed Teacher Guide, CD and gizmos. The step-by-step directions in the Teacher Guide and child-friendly teaching tools in the Learning Lab let you capture the attention of even your bounciest child! There's no running all over gathering classroom materials—and no student books, either!

Here's a partial list of what first- and second-graders will learn this quarter:

  • Ruth–Ruth
  • David–1 Samuel
  • Friendship–1 Samuel and 2 Samuel

    With step-by-step teacher guides, gizmo-packed Learning Labs, music, and lots of extras, Hands-On Bible Curriculum® helps your volunteers make the greatest impact with the least amount of work.

    **NOTE: This Teacher Guide is included inside the quarterly Grades 1&2 Learning Lab. Order extra copies so each teacher can have their own Teacher Guide.

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