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Unforced Rhythms: Why Daily Devotions Aren’t for All of Us **E-BOOK**

Unforced Rhythms offers a life-giving perspective that gives freedom to believers to engage with God according to their natural Life Rhythm. While there is a daily Life Rhythm, not everyone lives life to the beat of daily. Others may discover they live life to a weekly/monthly rhythm; or seasonal/yearly. Find freedom in your own rhythm and embrace the way you naturally engage with God.

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Many Christians labor under a false expectation that they must spend twenty minutes in prayer and Bible reading each morning—or they can’t be right with God.

Without dismissing the time-honored practice of daily prayer, Gwen Jackson frees us from the false notion that we must all relate to God in the same way.

Keying in on the life rhythms that each of us develop naturally in our work, home, and personal lives, Jackson offers alternative ways to connect with God-rich practices that deepen our love for Him and satisfy our personal hunger.

Get Unforced Rhythms and you will:

  • Identify your unique life rhythm – daily, monthly, or seasonal.
  • Abandon false guilt and begin to enjoy communion with God.
  • Relate to God according to your passion and actually spend more time with him.
  • Feel free to be the person God created you to be.
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Release Date Oct 31, 2017
Author Gwen Jackson
ISBN 9781632572158
Format ebook
Page Count 192
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