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Leading Change in Your World **E-BOOK**

Leading Change in Your World **E-BOOK**

A Christian Philosophical Journey ***E-Book***

A Christian Philosophical Journey ***E-Book***

God with Us: An Introduction to the Old Testament **E-BOOK**

The combination of profound thought and eloquent writing is a rare gift, especially in the field of scriptural exegesis. Stephen J. Lennox, Ph.D., has that gift, delivering a powerful message in God with Us: An Introduction to the Old Testament. Troubled that the Old Testament is little known, little read, and little appreciated, he wanted to help those unskilled in reading the Bible or overwhelmed by its length to see its artistry, wisdom, and relevance.

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Discover why the teachings of the Old Testament represent some of the most profound human insights in all of literature.

Stephen J. Lennox has taught at the Indiana Wesleyan university since 1993 in the Division of Reiligion and Philosophy. he is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church, serving pastorates for ten years. he holds Master and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Drew University, adn a Master of Divinity from Evangelical School of Theology. Dr. Lennox is the author of commentaries on Psalms and Proverbs, serves as an associate editor of Religious and Theological Abstracts, and has traveled widely in the Middle East. He and his wife, Eileen McDonald Lennox, have two children, Abby and Ethan.

Read the New Testament companion to this work by Dr. Kenneth Schenck: Jesus is Lord.

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Available Date Feb 1, 2009
Release Date Feb 1, 2009
Author Stephen J. Lennox
ISBN 9781931283564
Format e-book
Page Count 345
Additional Information RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Old Testament
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