The Passion of Jesus **E-BOOK**

The Passion of Jesus **E-BOOK**

Wesley Bible Studies: Luke **E-BOOK**

Wesley Bible Studies: Luke **E-BOOK**

Wesley Bible Studies: John **E-BOOK**

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"Downright Bible-Christians - taking the Bible for their whole and sole rule." - John Wesley

When God speaks his people listen...and are transformed. Nothing speaks so powerfully into a life as God's inspired Scriptures, made personal and life-changing by his Holy Spirit. To hear God's voice, we must begin with our eyes being opened to the wonders of His Word.

This book in the Wesley Bible Studies series provides a thoughtful and powerful survey of key Scriptures in John. It combines accessible commentary from contemporary teachers, with relevantly highlighted direct quotes from the complete writings and life experiences of John Wesley, along with the poetry and hymns of his brother Charles. And for each study, creative and engaging questions and activities likewise foster deeper fellowship and growth.

The Wesley Bible Studies series is a powerful tool that God's Spirit can use to reveal his truth in you - to form in you a deeper holiness of heart and life.

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